Flood & Disaster Information Resources from LR

We are steadily providing helpful information following the historic flooding in our state. If you missed the Flood & Disaster Information session broadcast on September 1, you can view the recording and download presentation materials here. Additional Q&A regarding purchase agreements and status of contracts and obligations were published in August’s Red Stick Report.

floodpamphA new resource has been created for you to share with your clients titled: Why Homeowners Should Consider Purchasing Flood Insurance. Download your FREE copy that goes over things to consider when making the decision to purchase and include it with your presentation packets.

Now more than ever consumers will look to REALTORS to be a resource for information.We have compiled an extensive list of disaster relief resources containing websites, documents, and articles from a variety of government agencies and organizations to help members and their clients navigate federal relief and begin the path to rebuilding. The resource page is being updated with the latest information so members can use it and share it with those they know have been impacted.

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