Supra Lockbox Exchange Targeted for 2016

emailheader_supraAs many of you know, the Supra Lockbox inventory has a warranty period of about 6 years.  As we are approaching the end of that warranty period on our current boxes, the Association is planning a locbox exchange for 2016 that will replace your current old (soon to come out of warranty) iBox BT lockboxes and replace them in an even 1-for-1 exchange for a brand-new iBox BT-LE lockbox.

In addition to the warranty benefits of a new box, the new iBox BT LE also has the added advantage of no longer requiring Apple devices to have to use the fob to open boxes!   Users with Apple devices will be able to communicate directly with the iBox, just like Android users can today.

The image below shows the three different models of Supra Lockboxes.  The Supra iBox (far left) is the OLD supra lockbox that we discontinued use of in 2010 and is no longer supported by the MLS.  The Supra iBox BT (middle) is the CURRENT lockbox deployed by our MLS.    The  Supra iBOX BT LE (right) is the lockbox that we will be converting to in 2016.


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