There have been questions regarding ShowingTime notifications being received on listings from offices who use CSS. We’ve contacted ShowingTime in an effort to determine why this continues to happen. Showing time responded as follows.

First, the broker must change the Download service key option to CSS-GBRAR

Go to Preferences > ShowingTime setup >Office set up:

The office setting “Notify the listing agent of new appointment requests” is what is causing notifications from ShowingTime to continue to go out to agents. Changing that to NO is the proper way to configure the office settings, so agents can continue to make appointments via the MLS, but the notifications from ShowingTime are disabled. Just to clarify, the appointments were and still are being sent to CSS. However, the notifications were being duplicated in ShowingTime, when “Notify the listing agent of the new appointment requests” was set to YES.

The “disable feature for all agents” is going to disable this option for all of the agents in the office as well as remove any service keys that are in their individual agent profiles. This feature is newer, however it was implemented out of necessity. We discovered many agents would also place the web service key in their own profile, which caused some issues when an office changed vendors. The key would be removed from the office to turn off the connection and unknowingly, individual agents were configured too which continued to make requests available to a previous vendor. This new setting allows the office to clear all of the service keys from all of their individual agent profiles when they switch or stop using a particular vendor.

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