Photo Added Triggers Autonotification

A new notification trigger called “Notify on initial photo” is available in Client Connect Preferences and Email Notifications. When an Agent adds a listing photo to a listing that does not have any existing photos (to any position, not limited to the Primary photo) within the listing images  for a listing already included in the saved search results set, a notification email will be sent. Once this has been sent, no further notifications will be sent when photos are updated or added to the listing. This will allow clients who are interested in a listing but it did not include photos and the chance to be notified once photos are added.


A new setting has been added to Preferences for users to choose to be notified by this option. By default, this option is not enabled for user. Any user wanting to use this for their clients must activate it for new notifications.

The notification will display just like all of the other notifications in the system. Emails will have a new notification trigger label called “Initial Photo Added”. Client Connect will display “Photo” within the blue banner in reports.


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