Ability to ID Geocoded Listings

The current Missing Geocode Search has been enhanced to provide more detailed geocode data about listings to help improve data quality. The label for the search has been regeocodenamed to Geocode Quality Search from the Listings menu.


Selecting the option will launch the current search criteria form which will have a new criteria field called Geocode Quality. geocode2Geocode Criteria

Based on responses from Bing™ or manual adjustments from the agent, records will be assigned the following data quality scores. For example, if the agent manually moved the pin or edited the Longitude and Latitude settings for a record, it will be assigned a 1.00. It is assumed that the agent is placing the pin on the parcel or rooftop. The remaining scores are based on the quality response from Bing™.


Search Results

The new Geocode Quality search criteria field are not included in the standard property searches, however, the field can be added to any Spreadsheet View or Detail Report for viewing purposes.




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